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Tour Itinerary Gangjin

This tour is an exclusive tour open only to those international ceramic artists who will be juried into the Gangjin International Ceramic Artist’s Exhibit and Workshop to take place during the Gangjin Celadon Festival.

Contact Morning Earth Pottery for more information on how to apply for this unusual opportunity.  This tour is partially subsidized by Gangjin, Korea.

An optional tour to YiXing, China where you will meet with some of China’s best teapot artists may also be available. 

Are you looking for a ceramic tour for summer 2010 but are not sure that you will qualify for this tour?  Contact us to discuss this and other options.

        In August in 2010, Gangjin, Korea will celebrate their Gangjin Celadon Festival.  As part of that celebration they will hold an exhibit of international ceramic artists and present a five day ceramic workshop presented by some of Korea’s most respected ceramic artists.  That workshop is not a celadon only workshop but a true immersion into many of the facets of Korean ceramics.  Among their presenters is Lee Hak Soo a Human Cultural Treasure in onggi.  

No more than twenty artists will be accepted.  Gangjin will transport the selected artists to Gangjin and provide food, accommodations and transportation for the days of the workshop.

   JICAS Ex05 is an optional tour partly subsidized by Gangjin, US Travel and Morning Earth Tours.  Essentially it will travel to other significant ceramic areas of Korea to meet several of Korea’s Human Cultural Treasures in ceramics and other significant Korean ceramic artists.  Among the cities we will visit is Gyeongju, the ancient capitol of Korea, Mungyeong one of Korea’s most important 1000 year old tea bowl villages, Yeoju, Icheon and Kwangju the three ceramic cities featured in the World Ceramic Exposition and Seoul.  We will not neglect important museums or historical sites but our focus is to give the international ceramic artists a more in-depth experience with Korean ceramics at a very reasonable price.  Itinerary and cost is still pending.  However, with the subsidizing of costs it will be inexpensive.  Another optional under consideration  is to extend this tour to China where we will visit YiXing teapot masters.    

     Morning Earth Pottery has agreed to act as Gangjin’s agent or conduit for the exhibit and related events.  While we are not part of the jurying process, inquiries and applications should be sent to us at Morning Earth Pottery.  


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