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Ceramic Artist Tour

August  2010


Preliminary Itinerary:  All itineraries are preliminary until all contacts and appointments are final.  The itinerary may change slightly to accommodate appointments with artists and events.

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                           TENTATIVE DATES                                  .  

   Date   l D l  N l  Agenda August 05- 20, 2010                         

August 05 or 05 l F  l 00 l  Leave for Korea. The date of your departure depends on your location and time zone.

August 06 l F  l 01 l Arrive at  Seoul/ Incheon (ICN) airport meet Gangjin guide and travel to Gangjin

August 07 l S  l 02 l Exhibit and Workshop in Gangjn

August 08 l S  l 03 l Exhibit and Workshop in Gangjn

August 09 l M  l 04 l Exhibit and Workshop in Gangjn

August 10 l T l 05 l Exhibit and Workshop in Gangjn

August 11 l W l 06 l Exhibit and Workshop in Gangjn

August 12 l T l 07 l Gangjin visit Lee Hak Soo and other ceramic artists in Area, Maritime Museum, Mokpo Museum etc.

The following is Optional.  It is a subsidized tour.  Price varies Based on actual number of participants. We are hoping to be around $150 USD per day.  I could be more or less depending on the actual number.  This price includes our own bus, English speaking guide, good hotels, most meals etc.  This itinerary is still tentative but it will be something like this.  In particular we will meet with contemporary artists not yet on the list. 

August  13 l F l 08 l Move to Min Young Ki tea bowl master, move to Gimhae Clay Arch Museum, National Museum, visit artists

August  14 l S l 09 l Ulsan Onggi Village Gyeongju, Park Byung Teak HCT Silla style, other artists

August  15 l S l 10 l Bulguksa temple, Seokguram Grotto, Gyeongju National Museum, other artists

August  16 l M l 11 l Gyeongju, Park Jong Il studio move to  Mungyeong Teabowl Village

August  17 l T l 12 l Yeoju WOCEF, Artists and Galleries Icheon WOCEF move to Seoul

August  18 l W l 13 l  Seoul National Museum, Leeum Museum

August  19 l T l 14 l Free time in Seoul

August  20 l F l 15 l Leave for Home or China