International Ceramic Artist

         Exhibit and Workshop  

         Gangjin, Korea

2010 summer Gangjin will invite up to twenty ceramic artists to participate in an exhibit and a series of ceramic artist workshops.  The invitations will come after reviewing applications for this event. 

The workshops are presented by some of Korea’s most respected artists from several ceramic disciplines. 

It is not just a celadon workshop but a true immersion into Korean ceramics processes.  Among the presenters is Lee Hak Soo considered one of Korea’s Human Cultural Treasures in onggi.

       Gangjin is home of what is considered “the finest celadon under heaven”, a reputation they have enjoyed for a thousand years.  To learn more about Gangjin and its history please visit our Gangjin, Celadon website.  A link to it can be found below and on our Links page on this website.

    Each year Gangjin holds a remarkable festival celebrating ceramics.  For the last several years they have hosted ceramic artists as part of an international exhibit.  This year they will make the Gangjin International Ceramic Artist’s Exhibit a competition.  Accepted ceramic artists will also participate in a extensive workshop conducted during the festival by a series of outstanding Korean artists.  The workshop presenters are all highly respected artists and represent a number of important ceramic areas.   The workshop presenters have represented nearly every type of ceramics produced in Korea. 

Previous exhibitors and workshop participants have raved about them and the hospitality provided by the people of Gangjin.

     All expenses during the festival will be paid by Gangjin.  This includes room, board and transportation as well as the free workshop while in Gangjin.  Artists are responsible for their own airfare from their home country to and from Seoul.  Gangjin will provide transportation to Gangjin.

     In addition Gangjin will provide purchase awards for a number of the works included in the exhibit. 

     To make the trip even more interesting and worthwhile for those selected, Gangjin, Morning Earth Tours and US Travel are partially subsidizing a ceramics tour of Korea after the Gangjin Celadon Festival.  The artists will travel from Gangjin around much of Korea visiting important ceramic artists, museums and other important points of interest.  You will personally meet many of Korea’s more important ceramic artists in their studios.  This will be a great ceramic tour at a greatly subsidized price.  We hope that all of the artists choose to also participate in the tour.

     To apply for the possibility of being included in these extraordinary events, please register and a personal official application form will be sent to you.

Morning Earth has agreed to receive applications for this exhibition and workshop.  We are not in any way part of the selection committee who will determine the artists selected to participate in the exhibition and workshops.

Contact us for more information on the related international ceramic artist tour.

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Deadline for submissions of work is March 20, 2010


Announcement of acceptance is end of April 2010