During our numerous ceramic research trips to Korea we have come to know many of Korea’s more significant ceramic artists,  These contacts enable us to introduce our Morning Earth Tour ceramic artist guests, to Korea’s Human Cultural Treasures in ceramics and other fields.  In addition we have come to know some of Korea’s more distinguished contemporary ceramic artists as well.

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  Some years ago I received a letter from the renowned ceramic artist Bernard Leach.  As you may know, he was closely related to Japanese ceramics.  In his letter he wrote, ”One might think that my greatest love is Japanese ceramics but it is Korean ceramics that moves me most.”

   Our ceramic tours to Korea are unparalleled.  On them you will meet many of Korea’s Human Cultural Treasures and other outstanding artists in ceramics.  You will tour the great ceramic villages and have a portion of your stay subsidized by Morning Earth Tours, US Travel and/or the village of Gangjin, Korea, home of “first under heaven” celadon.  They are celebrating their millennium years.

   Touch the heart of Korean ceramics as we travel throughout this beautiful land and meet its wonderful ceramic artists.  You might discover that you agree with Bernard Leach.

    The years, 2010 and 2011, are great times for ceramic artists to visit Korea.  2010 Has a tea ware and tea tour and OEUK 2010, the onggi tour.  2011 has the World Ceramic Expositions.  Both years have Gangjin.

A.  Tea Tour Korea is our 2010 spring ceramic tour.  It will bring together tea and tea ware with an in-depth approach to both subjects.  It is being planned by the most knowledgeable experts in both fields.  Find it at: TeaTourKorea.com.

  A1.  In 2011 we will have Spring Ceramic tour that will witness the WOCEF Exposition, Lotus Lantern Festival and visit important artists and other events.  See 2011.

  B. In summer 2010 selected artists will have several amazing opportunities. 1. To be an invited international artist to exhibit during the Gangjin Celadon Festival.  2. To participate in a series of hands-on workshops presented by highly respected Korean ceramic artists and, 3. To participate in a highly subsidized tour of the homes or studios of many of Korea’s most interesting artists including Human Cultural Treasures.  Imagine participating in an international exhibit, attending workshops by highly respected Korean ceramic artists and touring many of Korea’s ceramic centers – meeting the artists personally all at subsidized costs.

  Ba. In summer 2011 Gangjin will sponsor a similar event. Contact us to learn more.

  C. In autumn, you will find the first Onggi Exposition Ulsan Korea OEUK 2010.  The tour will also witness the Andong mask dance and travel throughout Korea visiting highly respected ceramic artists from many areas of ceramics.  We may have an optional extension to China to visit YiXing teapot artists and more.

  As for missing the World Ceramic Biennale if you travel in 2010 – the museums are always open with ongoing great ceramic exhibits but less crowded.

  You will not regret joining one or more of these ceramic adventures to Korea. 

  Some of our artist visits are by special invitation.  In addition you will stay at quality hotels and travel in your own exclusive bus.  Contact us for more details, price and tentative itineraries.

Morning Earth Tours

ICASp02/ Tea Tour Korea

This tour is specifically for tea connoisseurs, ceramic artists, ceramic collectors, lovers of tea and their family and friends.  It will focus on tea and tea ware.  We will visit Human cultural treasures in both areas as well as other  exceptional ceramic and tea processing artists throughout Korea.  If you have little understanding of tea, you have little understanding of tea ware.  Go to TeaTourKorea.com to learn more about this amazing tour. 

Spring: 2010 

JICAS Ex05/  Exclusive: Juried International Artist’s

This tour is an exclusive tour open only to those international ceramic artists who will be juried into the Gangjin International Ceramic Artist’s Exhibit and Workshop to take place during the Gangjin Celadon Festival.

Click the above button for more information on how to apply for this opportunity.  The button will take you to another web site.  The tour is optional but highly recommended.  It is partially subsidized by Gangjin, Korea, Morning Earth Tours and US Travel Korea making the price very reasonable. 

An optional extension tour to YiXing, China where you will meet with some of China’s best teapot artists may also be available. 

Are you looking for a ceramic tour for summer 2010 but are not sure that you will will be accepted for this tour?  Contact us to discuss other options.

Summer: Gangjin Exhibit and Workshop

Autumn: OEUK 2010

  Onggi is Korea’s oldest and perhaps most fascinating ceramic art form.  This year Ulsan City will hold the first annual Onggi Exposition.  Called OEUK 2010 for Onggi Exposition Ulsan Korea.  The exposition dates are yet to be set

   This tour will stay there for two days while traveling throughout Korea to witness Korean ceramics.  We are currently working on that itinerary.

   While this tour is looking for participants who are ceramic artist, it is open to anyone interested in witnessing one of the oldest ceramic forms in the world.  In addition to attending the new Onggi Festival - the first of its kind, you will also experience Andong Mask Dance and travel to many of Korea’s more important ceramic areas.  You will meet personally many of the Human Cultural treasures and other outstanding ceramic artists of Korea.  An optional extension of four-days to China where you will meet with some of China’s best teapot artists in YiXing is also available.

Ceramic Tours

International Ceramic Artist Tours:

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CAO A08/ International Ceramic Artist Onggi Tour

OEUK 2009 was cancelled so 2010 will be their first International Exposition.