When first light begins to cast long shadows across the peaceful mountains of Korea and a single crane soars past the willowy bamboo lining a mountain stream, you know instantly why this beautiful land was once called “The Land of the Morning Calm”.  Morning Earth Tours wants to help you capture that moment and more in this serene yet amazing land called Korea.

   To this end, Morning Earth Tours designs exceptional and personal arts and culture tours to Korea.  Our tours also take you to the studios of outstanding ceramic artists who’s classic and contemporary insights enlighten us and help forge the path for their art.  In addition, we try schedule our tours so that our tour participants can witness one of more of Korea’s excellent festivals and take you to Korea’s culturally enriching places as well.  Our goal is for each Morning Earth Tour participant to touch the heart of Korea’s wonderful, vibrant and spiritual culture through their arts and cultural activities.

   Our purpose for designing and providing these tours was not for financial gain.  Rather, it is to introduce you to the Korea we found in our many travels there and have come to love.  During our more than forty years of cultural research and traveling to Korea for thirty years we focused on Korean ceramics.  That led us to this point.    That is why professional travel agents have said that our tours are exceptional.  We hope to be exceptional in quality and reasonable in price.

  You will find Korea an amazing country to visit.  It is rich in culture, strong in character, deep in its spirituality, incredible in the quality of its artists and ready to welcome you. 

   We invite you to organize and/or join a Morning Earth Tour’s adventure to Korea.  There you will touch the heart of Korea.

Korean Ceramic Tours

The Lotus Lantern Festival Parade

Farm Dancers Tumble at the Korean Folk Village

Kim Il Mann Human Cultural Treasure demonstrating onggi especially for our tour group.

Park Chan Soo Intangible Cultural Treasure in Buddhist Woodcarving drums especially for our tour group.

       If you are a travel agent and want to handle Morning Earth Tours, contact us for more information.

       If you would like to join one of our tours, contact us directly of contact a travel agent in your area.

       If you would like us to help you design a tour for you personally, your group, school, university or business.  We can help you regardless of the number traveling.

       If you cannot find the Korean tour information you are looking for on this web site contact us.

Our tours to Korea are unique and thoughtfully planned.   They will take you into the heart of Korea’s rich, vibrant and spiritual culture.  Guided by professional tour guides, you will travel by personal bus into the land of Korea where the artists live and work.   Outstanding artists, we know and trust, will personally greet you in their studios.  Some of these artists are Human Cultural Treasures.  We design each tour personally and consider every participant as a special guest.

*Morning Earth often has optional extension tours to China and Japan.   Day tours to North Korea have been possible to see their beautiful mountains.  When they are available, we’ll let you know.  Tours to all other Asian Countries are available through our partner US Travel in Korea.  Inquiries are welcome.

Morning Earth is a designer of tours to Korea and other Asian countries.  We specialize in helping others design and develop their tours.  We are a small company operating like a non-profit.  Normally we design tours for others to organize and sell.  However our ceramic tours  are available directly through us.  Contact us for more details.   

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Arthur Kyung Jae Park and Mary R. Park

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